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We represent and support all staff in the EEAS and EU Delegations

USHU was set up in 2008 to ensure that the needs of staff working in EU Delegations and at the EEAS HQ are fully reflected in all human resources policies!

No one knows the challenges of living and working in third countries better than USHU!

Dear Members & Colleagues

USHU was founded back in 2008 to help staff of all categories serving in third countries who had little or no voice at HQ when it came to influencing staff policies that directly affected their professional and private lives.

Fast forward to 2024 and USHU has since accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has also adapted to the new realities of both the European Commission and the European External Action Service.

USHU is here to assist you 24/7 and to provide you with timely and useful advice.  Our active and competent USHU team will ensure you are not left behind!

Helen Conefrey
President USHU

Helen Conefrey

Stand-up Meeting

We address issues concerning all staff categories!

USHU knows that EU Delegations are complex places of work with staff from both institutions, the Commission and the EEAS. As a result, USHU is involved in a wide range of negotiations including those related to the Local Agent Salary Method and their contractual working conditions. We also closely follow-up the implementation of the special provisions for expatriate staff serving in Delegations.

Issues can vary hugely from common time management topics including flexitime, teleworking and part-time to annual and sick leave issues, appraisals, including introduction of 360° evaluations, promotions, re-classifications, professional development, etc.

USHU members hold prominent positions on the CLP HU ( Outside the EU local section for Commission staff), on the EEAS Staff Committee and has members designate do the Central Staff Committee which overseas and represents all places of work both within the EU and in third countries.  

For over 15 years USHU has strived to be ahead of the curve and to make your issues appear on every agenda when discussing staff matters with both Commission and EEAS Management.

We are committed to finding solutions!

We have dealt with hundreds of individual cases over the years and have built up enviable experience in helping staff solve issues related to contract extensions, annual leave issues, appraisal issues, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic and measures for EU Delegations.

EU Delegation
Our team on the USHU Executive Bureau 
We have a number of active team members and are always open to invite more colleagues in our circle. 
Helen Conefrey

is currently the President of USHU and based in Paraguay. Along with her operational tasks, she dedicates herself to helping staff and to lobbying both the Commission and the EEAS for improved working conditions and career development for all staff categories

Victoria Davydova

is USHU’s Secretary General and is based in the Ukraine. Victoria is an USHU founding members and has been defending Delegation staff for longer than anyone can remember!

Dimitrije Stankovic

is based in Serbia and is an USHU founding member. He leads on topics related to Local Agents and has a vast experience of staff representation and staff issues over time.

Ugo Sokari-George

Ugo Sokari-George is based in Nigeria and has been a resilient Staff Representative for over 20 years and a long-standing member of the USHU Board.

Noel Kamdem

is a founding member of USHU and is based in Cameroon! He has been a champion for staff rights for a very long time.

Alessandro Liamine

has been a member of the USHU Board and the CLP HU for an extended period! He is a passionate defender of staff rights and has acquired detailed knowledge about the EU's rights and obligations.

Aminata Ongoiba

is a member of the USHU Board and is based in Mali! She is a well-known and respected local agent that has been addressing staff issues for an extended period.

Why Choose Us?

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EU Testimonials

Natalja Miolato

Delegation of the European Union to Trinidad and Tobago

"I had very positive experience dealing with colleagues from USHU. They were responsive, available, supportive, compassionate, professional and honest. What you might want more? I had interactions and exchanges with 3 different people and each and every of them helped me out. I definitely recommend to contact them in case you need guidance and support in difficult situations. I trust their judgement, professionalism, dedication and support."

EU Testimonials

Barbara Engelstoft

Delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

I was struck by the commitment and willingness to engage to diffuse a potential conflict by contacting the right people and solving the issue. Also, this is voluntary work so I was really impressed by the kindness, speed and openness to go into some detailed and time consuming questions related to the staff regulation and our contracts. Colleagues in USHU have a very good network and their long experience in the institutions is an important asset that can really help. So whatever staff category you belong to, I can warmly recommend USHU and I encourage all colleagues to become a member.

EU Testimonials

Bogdan Catalin Udriste

Delegation of the European Union to Chad

"USHU is always my first point of contact when I have doubts about the staff regulations, contractual issues or any other personal issues. They go above and beyond to provide the support needed and have their finger on the pulse. I really appreciate the support I received in the past and will remain a loyal supporter of USHU."

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