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Membership Subscriptions

Dear colleagues,


We are excited about the new levels of USHU membership that we are now able to offer.

You can now manage your membership in a more flexible manner and you can decide which membership subscription is best for you and meets your specific needs.

Rather than limiting our existing services, we are actively extending them to offer you a new intermediate and advanced level membership.

We know that many of you need and are willing to contribute more towards obtaining essential services that USHU will now offer its members.


Where possible we encourage you to make use of the recurring payments option so that you no longer need to worry about renewing your membership as this will be done automatically for you so and in that way, you can ensure you have full access to USHU services at all times.

We also offer alternative payment methods. You can cancel your membership at any time in your my subscriptions.

We hope USHU members take advantage of these new options and we aim to offer you more in the future based on your feedback. Before signing up to a membership plan, you will be asked to subscribe to the site. 


Join USHU today and have a say in staff matters!


Helen Conefrey

USHU President

Membership Plans

Membership Level 1

Standard Membership

Every Year
  • Support to you in issues relating to your specific contract with the COM/EEA

  • Advice and support to you in relation to your rights and obligations

  • Representation of your interests in social dialogue meetings with HQ management.

  • Regular outreach to you in order to capture your input to social dialogue negotiations.

  • The possibility to actively engage in our work and be heard.

Membership Level 2

Intermediate Membership

Every Year
  • Access to additional legal assistance with a free consultation based on the referral of your specific case

  • Affiliates membership, which allows preferential access to insurance packages

  • Preferential access regarding our representation function for international

  • A 10% off voucher for USHU merchandise

Membership Level 3

Advanced Membership

One-Time Payment
  • All benefits of the standard and intermediate membership subscriptions and more

  • 5-year membership

  • Zero hassle membership payments

  • A personal in-depth meeting with an USHU board member each year.

  • Another 10% off voucher for USHU merchandise


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Aims at colleagues that are still undecided when it comes to membership and would like to stay informed about USHU activities.


  • You can participate in webinars, consultations and other activities of USHU.

  • You will receive our newsletters and other blog entries.

  • We will of course not turn away anybody when it comes to helping colleagues. However, colleagues should be aware that USHU is not sustainable without membership fees in the long run.

Why Choose Us?

USHU - Because we also make you laugh sometimes

Put your mind at ease with USHU. We have represented and supported staff in EU Delegations for over a decade. There is very little we don't know about rights and obligations of staff in the European Commission and the EEAS. We have participated in many meetings of the CLP HU, the EEAS Staff Committee and the CCP, and know therefore the inner workings of the social dialogue in the EU institutions. 

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