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About Us

USHU was set up in 2008 to represent the interests of all categories of staff working in European Union Delegations, regardless of their employer – be that the European Commission or External Action Service.

USHU has existed for over a decade and now has an enviable wealth of knowledge in relation to staff issues that affect colleagues both in EU Delegations and at EEAS HQ.

We believe in forming useful alliances so we work closely with our HQ partners Union for Unity (U4U) in the framework of a Regroupement Syndical. USHU participates in major inter-trade union meetings and is often called on to discuss Delegation related topics where we have a comparative advantage.

As an organisation, USHU members are highly active and have been elected by you to a series of important staff representation bodies such as the CLP HU (Outside the EU Local Section of the Central Staff Committee), the EEAS Staff Committee and the Commission Central Staff Committee where we hold a Vice-Presidency.

We have worked relentlessly over the years to assist staff and as a result our Bureau members and active USHU members, have accumulated an enviable wealth of knowledge on staff issues related to Local Agents, Contract Agents, Temporary Agents and Officials.

We know the rulebook of our Staff Regulations by heart and through struggling to find solutions for staff so we can & do get traction on issues.

USHU is the only staff representative body, which aims to regularly consult its members, so that we can take informed decisions. Be a member of the USHU Community!

Support Group
Our Mission Statement

USHU strives to improve the working conditions of all categories of staff working in European Union Delegations and in the EEAS. We aim to do this by monitoring the implementation of the Staff Regulations and by providing recommendations for improvements.

We keep a close eye on the review of all HR policy Decisions, Regulations and General Implementing Provisions, and by being in close contact with relevant counterparts at the Commission and the EEAS.

We also look closely at what other EU Institutions are doing to ensure that good practice is amplified.

USHU is convinced that staff perform better when they have good working conditions, which enable a fair work-life balance. Staff working in EU Delegations and at HQ a need to strike the right balance so that they are fulfilled in the workplace and have the chance to develop other activities, skills and hobbies outside the workplace


We cover a wide range of issues and are committed to defend and further staff rights and career perspectives for all staff categories. You can consult the list of issues we regularly cover on our issues page. Click the button below please.

Our values

·       solidarity

·       integrity

·       transparency and accountability

·       confidentiality

·       inclusiveness and equality

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Our promise
  • We are persistent in fighting for your rights and base our social dialogue on facts and consultations with staff.

  • We will make time for you when you contact us and are also there when time pressure is a reality in your situation.

  • We represent all staff categories and identify equal treatment as one of our core principles.

Regroupement Social

Whilst USHU’s membership base is clearly located in EU Delegations and at EEAS HQ, we are in regular contact with other Trade Unions who represent staff within the EU to ensure we have a joined up approach and that discussions include Delegation issues.  We have linked up with the Trade “Union for Unity/U4U to ensure a common approach to staff issues and to draw on further expertise from our U4U partners.

Our Leadership

Our Team

Former and Current members of the Central Staff Committees

USHU Ambassadors

Former and Current members of the Central Staff Committees

Referral Programme

Get a voucher over up to 100% if you refer members to us:

  • 1 new member: 25%

  • 2 new members: 50%

  • 3 new members: 75%

  • 4 new members: 100%


Just send us the names of the members on the contact form that you referred to us. 

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