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Join the USHU Petition to urgently introduce a Senior Professional Programme for Contract Agents

All staff categories are invited to sign this petition - show solidarity with CAs.
Let's have a worthwhile HR Strategy - The current proposal ignores CA needs.

USHU has been fighting for years to provide more authentic career opportunities for Contract Agents already in the service who have the skills, knowledge and competence to do a lot more.

This is all about effective and efficient talent management.

USHU recognises the need to bring in young, recent graduates but we also believe there is an overriding need to motivate high performing CAs in EU institutions who have proven time and time again that they can do more if they are given an opportunity.

Human Talent management also means retaining and motivating Contract Agents rather than expecting them to accept stagnation or leave the institution.

We advocate for a Human Talent strategy that promotes both internal and external recruitment and responds to the expectations of CAs who can and want to do more.


  1. Special Senior Expert Program (SSEP): We ask for the urgent introduction of an annual internal selection procedure providing access to TA/AD posts. This could replace expensive external specialist programmes and fully harness the substantial internal CA talent that exists within the institution. Highly qualified CAs at HQ and in EU Delegations with proven skills both and enviable expertise together with sound institutional knowledge would be provided with a realistic pathway to permanent posts.

  2. Better organised Internal Competitions accessible to CAs. USHU also insists on a wider use of the Talent Screener which must be assessed at an earlier stage to avoid highly qualified CAs with strong professional records being eliminated unnecessarily by verbal (V), numerical (N) and abstract reasoning (A) computer based tests (CBT). A change in the preselection procedure is necessary to ensure equal treatment and to accounting fully for qualifications and expertise.

  3. Certification procedure for CAs: USHU believes DG HR must find a way to allow and encourage CAs with strong and proven performance to access a certification process to be reclassified as AST/AD. This is a win-win scenario and both rewards performance and motivates staff.

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