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Message by Dimitrije Stankovic to ALL STAFF voting in the CLP Elections

EN LIST 3/USHU - Unity and Solidarity Outside the European Union Message by Dimitrije Stankovic to ALL STAFF voting in the CLP Elections: Dear colleagues,

I ask you vote for USHU. USHU is close to my heart and the only union devoted exclusively to your EU Delegation issues.


Some of you may know that I retired in July of this year after spending 30 years at the Commission. I was indeed a founding father of USHU back in 2008 when together with other active Local Agents, Officials and Contract Agents, we decided that we needed a new Union that knew us better, that understood the challenges of staff working in EU DEL and was not afraid to stick its neck out and fight for the weakest! Despite retiring and after more than 20 years as a staff representative, I am more interested than ever in your issues and have been closely following all developments, notably in the context of COVID-19 pandemic and its strong impact on Delegation staff and their ways of working. These decades have taught me that’s staff representation practically never ends – the range of issues that affect staff is enormous. As a staff rep, I saw many moments of joy when USHU was able to help colleagues facing different problems - but I also witnessed lack of progress on important files, endless delays in addressing sometimes very acute problems and often a clear absence of will on the Administration side to move forward fast. To confront these delays and management blockages unions need to be strong. USHU with its experienced team members has worked tirelessly to protect your interests in EU Delegations. To continue to support you, USHU also needs to be present and powerful on the statutory bodies and be a leading part of the new CLP HU – “Outside the EU” Staff Committee. As a Local Agent, I believe the failure of the current salary method to address reality of local developments in labour market and notably in the area of remuneration of employees should be addressed as a priority. Local agents need a method that will reflect market developments and that will also take into account inflation thus preventing permanent erosion in purchasing power. It is unacceptable that in many delegations salaries have been frozen for almost a decade! This is a very serious problem and the problem that needs to be tackled urgently! Other LA issues include : · absence of a proper reclassification mechanism that should grade staff according to what they really do, · inefficient and burdensome CSISLA which has transformed into an administrative dinosaur – a system that colleagues rather avoid than use and often see no added value in its existence, · lack of a proper mechanism to deal with harassment of LAs · to mention just a few... USHU of course also deals with issues related to Officials, Temporary Agents and Contract Agents. USHU is proposing an impressive team of dedicated people who can bring change. I am confident that colleagues in Delegations will trust in them and vote for USHU in the CLP HU election that begin on Tuesday 9 November. Finally, I wish you all very best in life and wish strength and success for USHU in these elections and also better days ahead for all staff in Delegations. Dimitrije Stankovic (ex-Local Agent in EU Delegation to Serbia) TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS AND TRUST USHU - YOUR NEEDS SHAPE OUR PRIORITIES Dimitrije Stankovic – Member of the USHU Board List 3/USHU

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