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One Saga getting close to the end, Another soon to start

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Article written by Dimitrije Stankovic

The idea of adopting a new set of conditions of employment for Local Agents (LAs) in EU Delegations was launched way back in March 2017. Fast forward to March 2021 and the overall impression from Local Agents is that this process has been taking far too long and has had endless ups and downs.

Ironically, we were told at the start, that there was an institutional push to do this fast and well. Four years later and the process is still incomplete: Rather than swiftly agreeing on a new set of simplified rules – we have the exact opposite with much concern expressed by LAs over the never-ending delays.

In the meantime the date for individual decisions for LAs to accept new rules (or not) has been pushed back to end-June 2021. The promise and idea behind this was that each local agent would have at least five months to decide. Now it is mid-March and no delegation-specific decisions have been provided which means that unless the deadline for opting in is once again postponed, you will substantially less time to make an informed decision. And when a Local Agent has not yet received the Delegation-specific decisions which deal with acquired rights and local practices ( which will continue to exist and which will be abolished) – how can she/he say “yes” or “no” to the new rules?

USHU has been actively participating in the process from the very beginning and participated in the kick-off meeting.

USHU has been in ALL negotiations and has reached out regularly to Local Agents in EU Delegations to provide you with the latest up-dates.

USHU will continue to follow closely this important file now when it is coming to a critical stage! Whilst we certainly hope the process of the adoption of new conditions for LAs will be finalized soon, another critical topic will start in the coming months: discussions on the new Method for adjustment of Local Agent salaries. The Salary method is of huge importance to Local Agents. Notably in those delegations – and the number is quite high – which have seen no increase in their salaries since 2014 when the current Method came into force. USHU will be active in forthcoming discussions and negotiations that are supposed to start later this year. USHU ensures the voice of Local Agents is in all negotiation meetings. USHU will call on the expertise of its members and will contact you for comments and proposals as usual. We need you to feed into the debate and provide us with your testimonies.

Your team for EU Delegations!

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