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USHU asks staff in EU Delegations to provide feedback on the new HR Strategy

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Complete the INTPA Survey

INTPA Survey : deadline Monday 20 September :

+ send your comments to NEAR

NEAR FMB : deadline Tuesday 21 September:

Your opinion is IMPORTANT – if you do not engage, your opinion will not be taken into consideration and your specific concerns will not be addressed

Contract Agents and Local Agents must let the INTPA/NEAR Directors General

know their HR expectations too!

EU DEL are unique – they have a wide range of staff categories (Officials, Temporary Agents, Local Agents and Contract agents among others). These staff are on the frontline when it comes to the efficient and effective delivery and implementation of critical EU policies. Failure to speak up will mean a weaker strategy that will not confront the challenges we face in EU DEL

The new HR strategy will shape Commission policies for the decade to come – your future depends on us getting this right!

  • USHU is concerned that despite the lengthy discussions, the current proposal pays insufficient attention to all staff categories in EU DEL.

  • Few and limited measures are foreseen for Local Agents & Contract Agents whereas they work side by side with Officials to form a formidable team

  • Each staff category deserves to have career opportunities and pathways to higher responsibilities and greater internal recognition

  • USHU advocates for a modernisation of the Commission HR Strategy and greater career opportunities for ALL.

  • Our work must remain as pertinent as ever and our workplace must remain an attractive option for highly talented staff

The new HR Strategy has not yet been adopted - you can still have an impact by providing your input on the 3 strategic areas of Attractiveness/ Recruitment and Selection & Career prospects


Send your comments/suggestions to DG NEAR by 21/09:


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