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We continue to represent your best interests and intervene with Management to get improvements for all.

By Ranjan Shrestha, Sunil Kumar and Sumeet Thakkar

As you all saw in our recent June Newsletter, USHU requested an extension of the deadline given the numerous concerns being raised by Local Agents all over the globe.

During USHU regional meetings with LAs it became clear that there were many information gaps and that Local Agents needed more time to take an informed decision – the situation across the globe was distinct with some LAs having more information and others less.

Indeed an extension has now been granted for an additional 6 months, as proposed by USHU and a formal communication will be sent to Local Agents shortly indicating the new deadline of 31/12/2021.

USHU thanks the EEAS and COM Administration for taking our concerns seriously. We are pleased that there is now a recognition that it is in everyone’s interest to extend the deadline for opting for the new LA Working Conditions so that LAs can understand the benefits and take the decision that best suits their individual situation.

USHU – getting results and always working for you!

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